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Get Free Gigolo options only in the first and oldest established Indian freesex club ..Fill and submit this  Joining Form for this club, This is where you fill and submit your details if you want the dream job of India desi male escort call boy Membership………..₹ 25000

indian callboy  desi indian bharat hindusthan male escort
indian callboy  desi indian bharat hindusthan male escort

Gigolo India girls who seek men for sex by paying them money is called Call boy or male escort . Indian Gigolo means basically a male prostitute who gives sexual services to women and females especially India mature cougars and older aunties chachi type women who cannot get sex regularly. So these women need men who will do anything for money and so India  Male gigolo perform straight sex anal sex yoni licking and all pleasurable acts with real Indian desi wives housewife who do not want any relationships but only pure plain sexual intercourse and the joy and pleasure of it.

indian callboy  indian gigolo desi gigolo
indian callboy  indian gigolo desi gigolo

Chudai sambhog sex is an art which has to give maximum pleasure to the female partner and also enjoy at the same time without pain or boredom or being fed up. Like normal prostitutes these Indian men are also willing to do anything for their clients. Most indian women who want Call boy or male escort is from major cities of New delhi Mumbai kolkota bangalore pune Chennai Hyderabad jodhpur cochin chandigarh Amritsar Gurgaon uttar Pradesh MP etc. There are many Rich wealthy High class women from High society who need men for satisfying their sexual needs. They do not need any strings attached and have no need for relationships, Hence they seek Gigolo or call boys, as Indian guys use this silly term

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delhi male escorts wanted sex fuck aunty bhabhi india gigolo free membership lakhs

Indian Call boy or male escort can do all types of sexual satisfaction and if you want to be a India desi callboys  in India it is very difficult this is because lakhs of  chuthia beggars online every day claiming to be call-boy or male escort  most gandu don’t even have decent Lauda but they write they have big and can do hours of satisfaction

Most Indian guys keep sending emails “Call me call me meet me give number give address”  this is begging lines of all chuthia Indian online bhikhari begging for gigolo work

gigolo offer delhi mumbai chennai gigolo callboy work satisfaction money crores
gigolo offer delhi mumbai chennai  callboy work satisfaction money crores

So how to become decent genuine Indian Male escorts ?

You can search and search online but real call-boys and male escorts  club do not do much advertisement as they have lots of business and plenty of customers and they don’t have time for low class men and beggars.

Many uneducated illiterate Indian men boys roaming the internet begging for Callboy work.

What is connection of education to sex?

Gigolo paying customer women females are all rich and high class. They do not like low class chuthia gandu type men and males , Indian gigolo seekers or guys seeking such work or lifestyle basically are from very low class uneducated and uncultured background. This is NOT acceptable. such low class smelly ugly unsavory males are NOT needed. The women are mostly of High society and find such people repulsive and horrifying . They seek nice decent educated Indian Guys and dudes and males.

India callboy earn money how to become indian desi male escort opportunity free gigolo
India callboy earn money how to become Indian desi male escort opportunity free gigolo





we do have Free “options”

But it is not 100% free in  the way like any beggar and chuthia will send an email and get Lady no.. Its free options means there are OPTIONS for you to get free call boy work IF you fulfill certain conditions . There is No need to pay any money upfront if you fulfill those conditions. So if you fill and submit the form you will get 2 options free and paid. Paid is best and instant, But you can select whichever and kindly READ the emails clearly. 

Gigolo India

Indian male escort

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